Tapas Bars & Grills Are High In Demand Now!

What is a Tapas Bar and Grill

Let's understand what tapas bar and grill means first. A Tapas bar is basically a bar where you can go and enjoy streaming hot tapas food, brought to you on a lap tray to enjoy with your friends and family. Of course, there are other dishes on the menu as well, but tapas are primarily the main recipe at the joint. So, when you head to a tapas bar and grill, it typically means that you are going to have a lunch or a dinner where you will be mainly eating tapas. However, if you are wondering if eating just tapas would be enough to satisfy your hunger, then the answer is yes. Tapas is a great appetizer or a heavy snack if you want to call it, so be assured that your visit to a tapas bar and grill will give you a great filling and lip-smacking experience by the time you leave the restaurant.  

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Equipment you need to set up a tapas bar

Let's look at the kind of equipment that goes into setting up a tapas bar and grill...Traditionally tapas bars are usually not very big in size, but if you are planning to open a tapas bar yourself, you will need to understand that there are a number of things you will need to organize. You will need to find a good location that will provide you the highest number of footfalls in your restaurant.

Heavy equipment

When it comes to heavy equipment, setting up a restaurant will require you to have a slicer, a mixer, a blender, couple of washing sinks, a food cutter, a weighing scale, a meat grinder, an oven, a fryer, a broiler, a cheese molter, a steam kettle, a pressure less steamer, a refrigerator and a freezer for the kitchen. Apart from that, you will also need utensil racks, sandwich table, coffeemaker, beverage stand, an ice cream cabinet and a water station as well. You could also think of buying a dish-washing machine to handle the dish-washing needs more efficiently. You will also need a dish-stacking table, garbage disposal cans and a 3 compartment sink as well to complement this dish-washing machine.


Now that you have taken care of the heavy equipment needed at the restaurant, you will also need to arrange the tableware and other miscellaneous supplies needed at your joint. When you plan the tableware, dishes and glasses you will need to buy for your restaurant, you will need to base it on the seating capacity you plan to offer at your joint. Just remember that for every table you will need 2 spoons and knives, 1 iced tea spoon, 1 soup spoon, 3 forks and one 12-ounce soda. Apart from that, you'll also need salt, sugar and pepper containers for each table, plus about a dozen additional sets as replacement. You'll also need dozen set of tongs, a dozen large pans and a set of lap tray(s) as well. 

Misc. products

In addition, you'll also need paper products such as napkins, table mats, towels and tissues. You will be better off ordering paper products in bulk quantities, because of the discounted rates you will get for buying them in high volumes.